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Power steering is the feature in modern cars that allows the driver of a car to direct the vehicle without exerting the effort it would require to physically turn the wheel. In a power steering system, movements made on the steering wheel cause fluid pressure inside the hydraulic pump to move to one side or the other of the pump. This pressure causes a piston to move, and that piston directs the gears to steer the car.

When the power steering fails, the wheels of the car become exponentially more difficult to turn. The wheels will turn, but the force required to make this happen can be unexpected and problematic. If power steering failure occurs while a car is in motion, an accident can result.

Common symptoms and warning signs of a faulty power steering system:

  • Whining or Squealing Noise
  • Steering Wheel is difficult to turn
  • Loose Steering
  • Steering Wheel vibrates vigorously while idling

Most vehicles will at some point develop problems in their systems, and fortunately most steering concerns are straightforward and simple to diagnose and repair. Ideally, steering systems should at least be checked quickly whenever a vehicle comes in for service to help prevent against major repair or sudden power steering failure.

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