Vehicle inspections, Uber inspections, pre-purchase inspections offered for any vehicle.

Similar to a regular check up at the doctor’s office, a vehicle inspection is good practice for any vehicle. Any inspection is performed to not only point out current issues within the vehicle, but also to highlight possible issues that may soon occur. If a part is showing early warning signs of failure, more often than not replacing that part prior to complete failure will save you money. If and when a part completely fails, some times it can affect other parts or systems of the vehicle it is in connection with.

Preferred Automotive always performs a general “safety” check at every oil change service, but we also also other these more comprehensive vehicle inspections:

  • Complete Mechanical Inspection
  • Pre-Purchase / Post-Purchase Vehicle Inspection
  • Uber Inspections
  • Lft Inspections

If at any time you feel your vehicle just isn’t operating at its best or simply want to have it checked out to highlight any issues, let the professionals at Preferred Automotive give your vehicle an accurate and honest assessment. Your safety is our #1 concern.

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If you have any immediate questions, feel free to contact our office directly at (954) 989-8060.

To make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected for a pre- or post- purchase evaluation, Uber inspection, Lyft Inspection or a general check over, please click here and fill out our appointment form and a representative will contact you to schedule a time.

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