Get your vehicle back on the road with a professional engine overhaul.

As part of engine maintenance, doing an engine overhaul sometimes is necessary for your vehicle to function well. Overhauling your cars engine can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking, and before you take such a drastic step, it is important to be absolutely certain that an engine overhaul is really the best course of action. There are a number of telltale signs that indicate an engine is failing, and looking for those signs can help you determine whether or not the time to overhaul is at hand.

Here are some common signs of an engine that may need an overhaul:

  • Knocking
  • Excessive smoke
  • Burning oil quickly
  • Compression loss
  • Using too much fuel
  • Oil Sludge
  • Excessive oil consumption

We offer major mechanical overhauls services for most vehicles, using only top quality engines that are always verified for exact replacement and thoroughly checked over before installation. We proudly offer Jasper Engines & Transmissions as our top vendor for major components, yet offer engine overhaul options to fit any budget.

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