Boost your vehicle’s performance with a tune up service.

As with all preventative maintenance performed on an automobile, tune-ups can prevent a myriad of problems from occurring on a vehicle. Over time your vehicle’s air and fuel filters can get clogged and become filled with debris, starving the engine of fuel or air. Other components regularly checked during a tune-up are the spark plugs and wires, ignition coils, coilpacks (if equipped), distributor other components within the vehicles ignition system. Although it is not common to replace all these components during a tune-up, it is good practice to check them and verify they are in proper working order.

A common symptom to let you know its time for a tune-up is a misfire… if your ignition system is not working properly, a misfire can occur and no spark will occur, failing to ignite the air-fuel mixture. Over time multiple misfires can severely damage the engine or catalytic converter. So keeping up with your vehicle’s tune-ups can help prevent against major repairs.

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